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This course provides student divers with the basic knowledge and skills needed to dive independently with a buddy. The PADI – Open Water Diver course consists of three main parts: Knowledge development (online, self-study or classroom) to understand the basics principles of diving. Dives in “confined water” (i.e. in a swimming pool or in a confined and protected area in open water) to learn the basic diving skills. On two days you will make 4 open water dives to test your skills and explore our underwater world with your PADI Instructor!     It only takes 3 days.
This certification is valid for life and allows you to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 18 meters.


For the PADI – Open Water Diver course (or Junior PADI – Open Water Diver course) you must be 10 years or older. You must have adequate swimming skills and be in good physical condition.

No previous diving experience is required.

Location for open water dives :
1. Friedberger Baggersee

The Friedberger Baggersee, also simply called Friedberger See or Kreisisee, is located north of Augsburg-Hochzoll and Friedberg. Its water surface is about 20 ha

including a length of 450 m and 430 m. Surrounded by fields, meadows and trees and well equipped with parking spaces, the lake is not only a popular place for water skiers, swimmers and recreation seekers, divers have also discovered this special lake for themselves. It is considered with its many high cliffs and gorges
2. Echinger Weiher 

Created in 1965 for the construction of the A9 freeway. Size about 100 x 250m, depth 9m. 2 platforms each at 4.5m and 6m depth (size 2.50mx3.00m), are located in front of the most prominent entry points. Different 🐟types . Even in winter, the lake does not get 🍦 cover. Water mint & armadillo cover the bottom.

More Info`s
According to the swimming pool administrations the use of the indoor swimming pools is only possible after the 2G+! This means for our diving courses that each course participant must be either fully vaccinated, recovered or currently tested negative! The proof is to be shown at the latest at the beginning of the course, or can be emailed to us beforehand as a PDF.

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