Philippinen - paradise for divers

The Philippines with its 7000 islands is a real paradise for beach vacationers and divers. Almost on every island you will find beautiful dream beaches with fine sand and turquoise water. Many beaches in the Philippines convince with a unique scenery, whether lined with palm trees or surrounded by rocks.

The fairytale underwater world exerts an indescribable attraction on many. To glide almost weightlessly through the water while watching floating manta rays or the colourful clown fish in the coral reef is truly a paradise for divers.

My wife and I spent our vacation on Boracay / Philippines and we were infected with the diving virus. On a beautiful summer day we were strolling along the beach and were approached by an operator for Helmet-Diving. Since we had nothing planned, we decided to participate. With helmet and tubes we went then into the charming underwater world. This experience did not let us go and we booked the first course to learn how to dive properly.

Until today this Adventure fascinates us so much that we visited different diving spots in the Philippines and now we would like to pass on our experience to you.

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